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10 Cycling Essentials

Gear for every ride

The 10 essentials to get you through any ride. This buyer's guide will walk you though the gear you should carry on every ride, short or long. These items will keep you safe, comfortable, and ready for any minor mishap on a ride.

Image of a bicycle helmet

1. Helmet

Safety First. A helmet can save your life, even in the smallest crashes. Helmets have come a long way, they are more comfortable, stylish and versatile. Mountain bike helmets often feature more coverage, and an adjustable visor. Road bike helmets often have more ventilation and are lightweight, so you will forget you even have it on. 

Image of a water bottle used for bike bottle cages

2. Hydration

Packing a water bottle will help to keep you hydrated for your ride. Don't forget, cycling can be a intense workout, so filling up on water before, during and after your ride is critical to get the most out of your cycling experience. Water bottles can be easily mounted on your bike via universal bottle cage mounts.

Image of two tire levers

3.Tire Levers

No one expects to have a flat tire. Having the correct tools to change a tire make all the difference in getting done quickly and correctly. Tire levers help to remove and install the tires easily without pinching the tube.

Image of a spare tube

4. Spare Tube

While patch kits can be very helpful, having a replacement tube is the most sure-fire way to know you will be good to go after a flat tire. Tubes will fit only a certain range of tires, and have 2 different styles of valves: Presta (the skinny one) and Scrader (fatter one, same as on your car).  Check the size on your tire and the valve on your rim!

Image of a CO2 cartridge

5. Pump or CO2

You've got the tube, the tools to get it on and off the rim, now all you need is a means to get air in the tire. There are bike frame mounted pumps that will mount to the water bottle cage mounts on your frame. Most frame pumps are small enough that you can also throw them in a backpack. CO cartridges and inflators are a quick, easy way to air up your tire. 

Image of a Park Tool Multi Tool used for bike tool kits

6.Multi Tool

A versatile multi tool can be the difference between continuing a ride and walking back to the car. Multi tools will adjust just about every bolt and screw on your bike. Most include flathead and phillips screwdrivers, a set of allen wrenches, torx wrenches and some even include a chain breaking tool!

Image of a bicycle seat bag

7. Seat Bag

You have all this great gear, now you need a place to store it on the bike. No more trying to remember if you brought along your spare tube. Pack tools, wallet, and keys into one of these bags. Out of the way, but easy to access, a seat bag is the easiest way to get gear out of your pockets and on the bike.

Image of bicycle lights

8. Lights

See and be seen! A quality light set wwill illuminate the road or trail in front of you. Lights can also be as imprtant to your safety as a helmet. Alerting cars, pedestrians and other cyclists is critical to being safe on the the trails and roads. Our lights come in battery operated and USB rechargeable options.

Image of a bicycle lock

9. Lock

You have made an inverstment in your bike. Keep it safe with a keyed or combination lock. Smaller lightweight options are available for those quick rides to the coffee shop, or heavier duty locks for keeping a bike locked up for an extended period of time.

Image of a Skratch Labs Recovery electrolyte powder mix

10. Nutrition

Fuel for your ride and recover quicker! A combination of the right energy, electrolites, protein and other key nutrition will help your endurance, and overall health.