Winter is Coming.... No Problem.

Fat is Fast!

Tired of feeling restricted as to where you can ride? Meet Fat Bikes. They have massive tires that allow you to roll over dirt, sand, snow—whatever. So now, the only restriction impeding where you can ride is your imagination..

Wheel Sport Staff Pick

Jon- Valley Store Manager 

Bike- Salsa Beargrease

"The time I spend on the Beargrease was surprisingly enjoyable.  Having spent many hours in the saddle on various Fat Bikes, I was familiar with how they rode.  I was cautious with how the bike would handle the small bump chatter given it was equipped with a 3.8 inch wide tire.  Where most fat bikes would bounce over and through the small technical terrain a rider like myself would ride, the Beargrease took it in stride like a true champion.  The bike felt composed and planted on the trail.  Fast and snappy it handled the tightest switchback.  As for climbing, point the Bear uphill and it will make a long gnarly climb feel like a gentle slope.  I've spent hours in the saddle with the Bear and so far I have loved each and every one more than I thought I ever would." 

Check out the  2019 Salsa Launch

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are the monster trucks of the mountain bike world. Their enormous tires (around 4-5 inches) go just about anywhere. Big tires deliver amazing traction and a fairly smooth ride. Most fat bikes are designed to get off the beaten path, and the component choices reflect that. Expect to see parts picked for durability over weight in this category. Fat bikes require a very specific set of specialized componentry like wider hubs, rims, and bottom brackets, so parts may be a little less common.

The biggest differentiating factors when buying a fat bike are tire width and geometry. Some fat bikes run the biggest tires possible and have a more upright geometry for stability in snow and other lose surfaces. Other fat bikes are built more like a cross country or trail bike, along with skinnier 3.8 or 4 inch tires. These bikes rip up lose dirt and hardpack and are great in warmer months. Most fat bikes are rigid, but suspension forks and even full suspension bikes are becoming more popular.

Plus Bikes

After the advent of Fat Bikes, a few manufacturers began exploring the advantages of slightly wider tires in more traditional applications. Plus Bikes feature tires around 3-inches. The wider tires deliver incredible grip, a smoother ride, and supreme versatility. The plus size or mid-fat tire doesn't add as much weight as a fat tire, and can utilize many of the more standard mountain bike components.

Plus bikes bridge the gap between standard and fat and are just now starting to see more widespread adoption. A hardtail with a suspension fork has been the most common variant, but some manufacturers are producing full suspension plus bikes. Two major varieties are starting to emerge; 27.5+ and 29+. Just like their narrow-tired counterparts, the 29+ version rolls more efficiently, while the 27.5+ variety is more playful.

Specialized Fatboy SE in Stock!

  • The frame features an M5 alloy construction that provides the ideal blend of efficiency and durability, while the geometry creates a roomy top tube and short chainstays for easy climbing and confident descending.
  • Alloy fork with air-formed legs is lightweight and pairs up perfectly with the fat wheel system to soak up trail chatter and bumps.
  • The Shimano 10-speed groupset features a wide gear range that delivers climbing and descending efficiency in spades. On top of this, the one-by setup is notorious for being next to impossible to drop a chain with, plus it provides a significant weight savings in comparison to a standard two-by setup.

Demos Available for Test Rides

We have a selection of fat bikes for demo. Try before you buy!

Contact one of our locations for more information.

Fat Bike Tires


Winter Outerwear

SE F@R Blowout!

Sale Price $899!

Regularly $1349

Forget "fat bike." Think "monster bike." With its massive 4.7-inch tires and wide-range 20-speed gearing, the F@R is designed to go where no other bike has gone. Snow, sand and rocky terrain are eaten up by this monster bike. The alloy frame and fork make the F@R light and the tapered 1.5-inch headset in the front and a burly thru-axle in the back keep things strong and stiff. Whether riding through snowdrifts or breakers on the beach, the hydraulic disc brakes keep the stopping sure.

Surly Wednesdays on Closeout!

Sale Price $1199!

Regularly $1499

Wednesday is the result of over a decade of fat bike design experience distilled into one steely-eyed package. With Wednesday, we borrowed elements from some of our Trail and Touring models to create a whip that can truly handle anything you want to attempt. Want to point it down the side of mountain? Go ahead, roll those dice. And if you make it to the bottom, you’ll be able to ride back to the top for round two. Wednesday’s geometry is spry enough to get you through techy stuff, stable enough for the fast stuff, and doesn’t feel sluggish on terrain-crawling stuff.

Groomed Trails

Wheel Sport has partnered with Evergreen East to groom certain trail systems through the winter months. Check out our riding guide and grooming report for trail maps and updates.

Fat Bike Clinics in Store!

As the cold weather sweeps in, Wheel Sport will be putting on Fat Bike product clinics at our retail locations. Check out our calendar for upcoming clinics and rides.

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