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Fat Bikes

A True All-Terrain Bike

Fat bikes feature wide tires that range from four to five inches and geometry based on the best in off-road design. This combination gives you a bike that can handle anything. Any path, any condition, any season. The possibilities are endless.

What is a Fat Bike?

Theres a big misconception that fat bikes are only for riding in snow or sand. They are great in the snow but they are capable of so much more. You can take a fat bike where other bikes can not go thanks to their tires grip and floatation. These bikes encourage adventure and add new dimension to your off-road rides!

Typically Fat Bikes have tires 4-5" wide, with these wide tires you run at a low pressure which gives a little extra cushion as you ride over rocky terrain. Fat Bikes come in rigid frames, front suspension and full suspension.

Guy riding fat bike

Where to ride

Riverside State Park staff favorite to ride once the snow sticks. Be sure to check out event calendar for info on our weekly Sunday rides we run through winter at Riverside. *Discover pass required for parking in the park.

Camp Sekani/Beacon located off Upriver Drive great mountain bike trail system for low/no snow days.

Mount Spokane State Park allows fat bikes on the multi-use trails, which they may be sharing with hikers, snowshoers or snowmobiles. Bikes are not allowed on the Nordic trails or in the alpine ski area. *Sno-Park Pass required for parking in the park.

Schweitzer fat bikes are allowed on the nordic trails, open trails depend on snow conditions. Please check Schweitzer's website for the must up to date info here.

Wheel Sport has partnered with Evergreen East to groom certain trail systems through the winter months. Check back once the snow falls for grooming reports. The city will also be grooming trails as part of a pilot program more information and their grooming report can be found here.

fat bike

What to Wear

Dress in layers, you want to minimize how much you are sweating. Breathable jackets or jackets with vents are great at helping regulate body temperature.

Avoid cotton, when cotton gets wet it ceases to insulate, instead choose wool or synthetic fabrics designed to wick moisture away from your body.

Invest in a nice pair of gloves that still allow you to shift and have a good grip on your bars. Pogies (gloves for your bars) are another great option.

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