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Hot Indoor Trainers for Cold Outdoor Temps
Hot Indoor Trainers for Cold Outdoor Temps

Why an Indoor Trainer?

As the temperatures outside get colder, and snow and rain start to hit, a lot of people put away their bikes deep in the garage until the spring. This doesn't need to be the case! You can keep riding all year long. Indoor trainers turn your everyday bicycle into a stationary bike. You can ride in the comfort of your own home.  Plug in some headphones and pedal away through your workout playlist. Set up in front of a TV and make yourself commit to 10 miles for every episode of your favorite drama series. That weekend Netflix binge just got a lot more productive! There a many awesome apps you can integrate into your indoor cycling to get the most out of your trainer experience. Apps like TrainerRoad, ZWIFT and Rouvey allow you to track mileage, power output, virtually ride anywhere in the world with 4K road footage, and the opportunity to virtually ride with your friends!

Trainers are for everyone.

You don't have to be a cyclist to start riding a trailer. Trainers will work with almost any bicycle. Road bikes, mountain bikes and comfort bikes are all compatible with a indoor trainer. Change up your workout. Cycling is a great way to burn fat, work on endurance and get a great cardio workout.

Benefits of an Indoor Trainer

Low Cost-High Reward

Integrate Cycling into Your Existing Workout Routine

No More Monthly Gym Memberships!

Maintain Your Summer Cycling Fitness Level Through the Winter 

Be Ready to Ride Outdoors when Snow Melts

Compact Fitness Equipment - Easy to Store 

Low Impact Workout- Easier on Knees and Hips than a Treadmill

Smart Trainer vs. Basic Trainer

Smart Trainers

Integrates seamlessly with training apps. Connect and have the virtual ride dictate resistance. When climbing, descending, drafting and pedaling of flat ground, the trainers resistance will change to simulate a real ride. Smart trainers easily track mileage, wattage and speed.

Basic Trainers

Turns your bike into a stationary bike. Traditional trainers have resisitance that is manually adjustable, or increases the harder you pedal. You can also use the shifting on your bike to increase or decrease the amount of resistance.

Possibilities Are Endless!

Ride anywhere in the world virtually. Apps will connect to a smart trainer, or basic trainer (with a Bluetooth or ANT+  cycling sensor). With a smart trainer, these apps will talk to the resistance controls on your trainer to increase resistance on hills, reduce while you're virtually drafting behind someone, or riding downhill. 

Other apps will give you high definition point-of-view cycling footage. Ride the roads of Paris, or climb the mountains of the Rockies.

You can even upload these rides to fitness tracking apps like Strava, MapMyRide or Garmin Connect.

Click Links to Learn More

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Get Set Up!

You are sold on a trainer, here's the checklist of what you need to get trainer get set up at home and start pedling.


  • Fan
  • TV /Phone/Tablet
  • Headphones
  • Towel
  • Virtual Training Apps


  • Bike 
  • Trainer
  • Quick Release Skewer (Included with Most Trainers)
  • Leveling Block for Front Wheel
  • Hydration
  • Trainer Mat (To Protect Floors From Scuffs and Sweat!)