Riding Groomed Singletrack

We are pleased to announce a new program to groom cross country ski and fat bike trails at select locations around Spokane this winter. Grooming conditions are very weather dependent.  Please heed all signage on trails and follow best practices when using groomed trails. 

In simple terms, "groomed singletrack" is your favorite trails manicured specifically for winter trail riding. The broader definition goes far beyond that. It’s the solution for winter cycling—a way to keep some fitness through the cold and snowy months, while having fun doing it. It’s a means to get outside and have fun on your bike.

This is winter cycling.

This is groomed singletrack.

Dwight Merkel Sports Complex

Freshly groomed on: 

Trail Map

Antione Peak Conservation Area

Freshly groomed on:

Trail Map

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Canfield Mountain

Freshly groomed on: 2/8/19

Trail Map

Riverside State Park

Freshly groomed on 2-12-19

Trail Map

Our Groomer, the "Trail Tamer"

Wheel Sport has teamed up with Evergreen East Mountain Bike Alliance to groom your favorite trails this winter.  The equipment used is the Trail Tamer, which is designed specifically for grooming single track trails.  When there's fresh snow, we will be out on the trails getting them ready for you to ride!

Fat Bike Best Practices

  • Always check trail conditions and obey all signs and posted warnings.
  • Pets on groomed trails must be leashed
  • Always maintain control of your speed and direction. Ride in such a manner that you can stop or avoid other bikers, skiers, or hazards.
  • Yield to all other users when riding. Skiers don't have brakes but you do!
  • Do not ride on or in the XC ski tracks.
  • Leave room for skiers to pass.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport: stay polite, educate other riders, and follow the rules.
  • Don't litter – take out what you bring in.