Holdsworth Mistral

Holdsworth Mistral
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*This bike is a full custom build.*

The mistral, which blows endlessly down the Rhone River in southern France, covers vast distances, bending the environment to its will. The origin of the word translates to masterly, an omnipotent force that shaped the past, and what is still to come. There is no better name for the masterly craftsmanship or influence that the Holdsworth Mistral has made on cycling's landscape.

Originally introduced in 1934, the Mistral was one of the first bikes to roll out of the London suburb of Putney from W.F.Holdsworth. Long before the Championships and Grand Tours of the 60s and 70s, the Holdsworth legend began with the Holdsworth Mistral. The reason this bike has stood the test of time is reliability. The remarkably stiff rear triangle meant no ride was ever too far. The longer wheelbase also acknowledged 2 features that plagued other bikes. The Mistral handled better, which made turning much less twitchy, hence more comfortable. It also allowed the Mistral to fit wider tires, making this the go to frame for long distance touring on any terrain.


Frame Reynolds 531 54cm
Fork Steel Lugged Single Crown
Axles Bolt On
Tires Specialized Roadsport 27 1 1/4
Tape/Grips Serfas Lock-On
Stem SR Touring Threded
Brake Levers Touring
Accessories & Extras Custom front and rear racks with custom fabricated leather locking travel cases.

* Subject to change without notice.