Bicycle Service & Repair

Wheel Sport is your bicycle service center!

At Wheel Sport, our highly trained mechanical staff will tune or repair your bike to get it performing at it's highest level. Whether it is a quick adjustment or a complete overhaul, our service pros work on all bicycle makes and models—not just what we sell.

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free estimate of the work that’s needed. One of our service pros will discuss your bicycle with you and carefully explain what we recommend, always respecting your choices and your budget. No service is too small or too big!

Experience a "better than new" bike!

Our featured tune-up packages will have your bike operating at its highest potential. We go the extra mile with our careful attention to detail and refined service process.  Our service pros have decades of experience, and know what it will take to get your bike running right. Regular, complete maintenance will protect your bicycle, making your ride safe, and more enjoyable. We stand behind our service 100%.

Wheel Sport Tune-Up Packages

These prices do not include the necessary parts needed in order to get your bike operating right.

The Basics


Ideal for: Getting your bike back on the road (or off-road!) with minimal cost.
Nicknamed “Tech’s Choice” this service is customized for each bike. Our service pro will concentrate on areas needing the most attention to make your bike rideable again. 
Services Include:
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Adjust front and rear shifting
  • Spot wheel true front and rear
  • Secure hardware check
  • Air tires to proper psi
  • Lube chain
  • Clean Bike
  • Free pick up and delivery!

The Yearly


Ideal for: Bikes that need to be ready for a full season of riding.
You know that "once-a-year" doctor's appointment we humans need in order to make sure we're "functioning" well?  Guess what?! Your bike needs that too!
Includes all of “The Basics” plus the following:
  • Tension & true wheels off-bike
  • Adjust front & rear hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Install cables & housing if needed (does not include hydro brake bleed)
  • Install new brake pads, chain, cassette, chainrings and rear deraileur if needed
  • On-bike drivetrain clean
  • Torque all hardware (including suspension pivots)
  • Installation of all accessories purchased at Wheel Sport
  • Free pick up and delivery!

The Pro


Ideal for: Bikes that are treated like they are a member of the family.
We know some of you care about your bikes an awful lot, and we respect that! That's why we offer this comprehensive service to make sure your bike gets the treatment you feel it deserves. 
Includes all of "The Annual" plus the following:
  • Full drivetrain removal and deep clean (heated non-toxic biodegradable degreaser)
  • Hydro brake bleeds if needed
  • Installation of all parts and accessories purchased at Wheel Sport (install of some suspension parts may be extra)
  • Deep bike clean
  • Tubeless refresh
  • Free pick up and delivery!