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Wheel Sport Suspension Service

Image of bike and suspension work station

Wheel Sport is proud to highlight our Suspension Services. On top of regular maintenance, tune-ups and repair, we also offer world class service on suspension forks, rear shocks, and dropper seatposts. Servicing your bicycle's suspension is similar to changing the oil in your car. By servicing your fork, shock and dropper posts at the right time, you will expend the life of those components, feel a noticeable difference your bike's performance, and ultimately get the most out of your riding experience.

Recommended Service Intervals


Fox recommended minimum suspension fork and shock service is 125 hours of use, yearly, or whichever comes first.


Rockshox recommends a front fork lower leg service and rear shock air can service for their fork every 50 hours of ride time.

Other Factors

Riding regularly at a lift access bike park or in extreme wet and muddy conditions where debris has a higher chance of contaminating the fork internals.

If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately contact Wheel Sport.

Suspension Services

*Parts are not included in service pricing*

Dropper Posts

Full Service


Clean/Replace Seal and Wiper

Lubrication of Stanchion

Route/Replace any Cables or Housing

Replace/Repair Dampener (If Neccisary)


Fork Service 50 Hour with Air Spring Overhaul


Clean/Replace Wipers

Clean/Replace Foam Rings

New Lubrication Fluid

Inspection of Dampener/Stanctions

Rear Shocks

Rear Shock Service 50 Hour


Air Can Removal

New Lubrication Fluid

Clean/Replace Wipers

Clean/Replace O-Rings

Custom Work

Tuning - Suspension Setup - Dampener and Cartridge Upgrades