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BOX Four 8S Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset
Our Box Four tier is for those people who just want less fuss! You're fond of Prime 9, but know 8 is enough, and surely 12-42T is plenty of range for an 8-speed cassette. Our derailleur still has the Limited Slip clutch but now arrives with a more compact cage. The custom 8-speed chain is built for abuse, although it's sophisticated enough to have its own Wide/narrow chainring. Push through fewer gears with a no-nonsense single shifter whose action is limited to one downshift per lever swing. This combo will transport your E-bike to 1 by territory for less than $200. INCLUDES - Box Four 8 Speed Single Shift Shifter - Box Four 8 Speed Wide Rear Derailleur - Box Four 8-Speed 12-42T E-Bike Cassette - Box Four 8 Speed 116 Link Chain Natural
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